Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Yet another rejection

I'm nearing 6 months post graduation. I recently had an interview at the hospital that I precepted at on the same floor that I precepted at. I figured my connections at the hospital would help me. I also figured my knowledge of the way the hospital functioned and the fact that I gained 178 hours of experience working there. Of course, life doesn't work that way...it never does.

I totally kissed butt. I sent the director a Thank You card for allowing me the opportunity to interview. I called her today as I had promised I would to follow-up. My luck is fantastic....she didn't answer, she wasn't in the office today...someone else was...some new manager. Perhaps I was stupid for doing this, but I told her I was calling to follow-up on the interview that I had the previous week. She tells me she'll call me back and indeed she did, in just 2 minutes. Pretty quick. Only to tell me that "someone from within had been hired."

My initial reaction was to fall into tears (yes, I'm a big baby). And then, I kissed more butt. I sent the director yet another thank you letter. I emailed her saying that "I was informed by "jill" that I had not been selected for the position. Nonetheless, I would like to thank you for giving me an opportunity to be interviewed. Also, if there are any suggestions that you would have on how I can improve my interview skills, I would love to hear them." I've worked a few jobs here and there....never have I ever had to kiss butt....I'll tell you, its damaging to the ego.

Of course, I cried my eyes out with my parents, telling them I feel like I wasted two years of my life in Nursing school. They continue to encourage me and ensuring me that "things will pick up" besides "its just the economy" and "you're not the only one who doesn't have a job." All this is true, but no one told me I should be prepared to face this. All through nursing school it was nothing but encouragement and false promises of cushy jobs...I feel so lied to.

What's worse than all of this is having to constantly hear about some Nursing shortage that is still growing. WHAT SHORTAGE??? I can name at least 70 people who would fill your vacancy!! And as if that wasn't enough to deal with, every time my friends hear that I don't have a job I have the pleasure of hearing "You're a nurse and can't get a job??" URGH.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

I can't get my foot in the door!

The title says it all...I can't seem to get my foot in the door.

Those older and perhaps wiser than me tell me that I'm being a little impatient. "Its only been 2 months since you've had your license" they tell me. And while it may be true, I'm having a very hard time swallowing it. You see, throughout nursing school and even as early as when you're frantically taking your pre-requisite classes, everyone around you keeps telling you'll have a job...no matter how bad the economy, no matter how bad the job market, no matter where you are....IN THE WORLD, you WILL have a job. And for the first time in my life, I am seeing what a load of crap all that encouragement was.

I used to be a business major, I quickly quit wasting my time studying for it when I saw those who graduated before me having a hard time landing a job and/or having a tough time trying to keep the job they once had. I think if I went ahead and did accounting and graduated with no job....it would be expected. But, I'm a nurse, with a degree and a license, living in a world where people are always sick and I cannot for the life of me land a job.

Sure, its been only 2 months....quickly inching 3, but no one told me to expect this...no one prepared me for this. I'm curious how many of my fellow May 2009 graduates expected this economy to affect us, because I definitely was not one of them. I remember my clinical instructor telling me that I couldn't expect to get my dream job straight out of school, she told me to be open minded....well, MY MIND IS AS OPEN AS POSSIBLE...so much so that I am contemplating taking on a retail job for the time being until someone in HR finds it in their heart to give a new grad with no experience a chance.

Now what I'm about to say might upset some people, but unless you're in my shoes you couldn't possibly understand where I'm coming from: I will start by saying I am the HUGEST advocate for immigration, my parents were immigrants, but GOD it pisses me off when hospitals in the states are CHOC full of foreign nurses when I am sitting on my butt with a pen in one hand and a phone in the next, calling countless hospitals in cities I never new existed only to get rejected because I have no experience.

I'm cringe because I think I sound like a right-winger, but I'm so LEFT. I can't help that this is how I feel. I wish I could go to the nurse who is here on a work visa and tell her "Dear Nurse So-and-so, I have absolutely no problem you coming here for an opportunity you won't get back home, but I spent money in this country to to go school, I pay taxes here, I was born here and I can't get a job...can you work in your country until my countries Economy picks up so poor old me can get a job?"

Perhaps I sound foolish? inconsiderate? ignorant? But I'm curious...is anyone in my situation??